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Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Virtual Clubs » Fortune Teller Club » Sixth Sense? (indera keenam?)
Sixth Sense?
YuuDate: Sunday, 25 Jul 2010, 6:36:01 | Message # 1
Chief Leader
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talk about it

has anyone have it?

masa lalu hanya untuk dikenang, kalo masa depan untuk diperjuangkan!
Jun-kunDate: Monday, 26 Jul 2010, 7:22:01 | Message # 2
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punya indera keenam ada enak ama ngga enaknya kan?
Aoi-chanDate: Thursday, 26 Aug 2010, 5:54:07 | Message # 3
Student Council President
Group : Student Council
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ada lah...
kalo menurut aq sih,,, yang nggak enaknya, kita jadi nggak bisa tenang....
kalo yang enaknya sih,, kita bisa merasakan atau melihat apa yang orang lain tidak bisa lihat...
GuestDate: Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014, 6:55:51 | Message # 4
Group : Guests

Part 2 - continue from above. Why must we acocapmny the kids to study / teach / monitoring them do homework ?? Because the school syllabus is too high as compare to 20 yrs back. So, the parents need more time and thats why we need to pay for the MAID to buy some personal time. Why 20 yrs back the parent not even borther their kids sudy or not! We are KIASU parent ?? NO !!! Definately not , it is forces by the goverment decision and the society hebaviour. The govement set the school syllabus so high, so many homework, curiculum , and this causes - force all the student study because of EXAM, and not for knowledge. All the kids wear a spectacle like chinese say "SHU DAI ZHI" this is what i can give the name to Singapore studen. What a sad case. Just wonder, why the education ppl not study how USA, Japan or develope countries set their education level and sylabbus. Most of the sylabbus study is not either useful after finish school , like mathematic - how many ppl will use such diffucult SUM after graduate ?? out of 10% only, i think. I really wish I am not a KIASU mother. BUT i think i force to BE for my kids' future. And such I need to employ maid to HELP me, a sadness of a working mother. Why I choose to work ?? Because the cost of living in Singapore is too high, my husband cannot effort for the Family. How to give birth more ?? How the government know about the middle income group problem? not only the 4 mth mantenity and the "BIT" money (baby bonus) can make the parents give birth. Please pay the education fee for the Singaporean children !!! All above is interlinking with Maid, Government, Family Planning, etc. to be continue......
Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Virtual Clubs » Fortune Teller Club » Sixth Sense? (indera keenam?)
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