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GuestDate: Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014, 8:25:48 | Message # 1
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I noticed my ceurrnt maid lack of 'want-to-work' attitude after just 2 months yet I talked to her and told her if she feels that there is too much work, which I personally don't think so, then I will let her go and pass to another employer though I can't promise the future one will be better or worst. She always seems to forget things, my clothes seems to get lost somewhere and even my baby's bottle gone. When asked, she always answer "Tak tau." Which means don't know even before she looking for it. She would also say she had done certain chores when she clearly haven't and mind you, I was the one on my fours clearing the drain holes in the toilet just cos she is 'scared' of insects or creatures or do not want to get dirty. I even caught her several times doing wrong things until I personally find it useless to reprimand her as she only follows her own way and don't follow instructions at all. Even my mother who always nagged rather kept quiet to avoid higher blood pressure and plus my dad do not like naggings or rather with the recent cases of maids doing drastic things after being scolded, afraid it might harm my boy. When the maid is tired, she will pull a long face which offended us but when asked to rest during day time, she refused as her work is always not finished as she do her work in her own sweet time. When at night, I told her to go to sleep at 10pm but she didn't tell me her chores are not finished and I ended up clearing after her. Time and time again, I told her not to start something she can't finished but she continues her ways. She also lacked in initiatives. I found out after a while, she confesses to my sister that she was forced to work by her mother as her sisters are still small. She just finished school and wanted to further studies. She is also in her teens but her bio stated she is 23 cos she ever told me she haven't get to vote in the recent voting election due to age. I should have listened to my hubby to send her back earlier and find a replacement instead, I pitied her cos I know no other employer would be able to withstand her slow working speed, lack of initiative, not able to multi-task and not following instructions. I thought by being nice and patience, she might change to a better worker. I was wrong. Even being pregnant now, I still can do my own housework, much faster as I'm used to multi-tasking, bringing back my son daily and avoid bringing her back home and left her at my sister's place while waiting for a replacement. Yet, for a few days now, she is starting to bang things at my sister's place in front of my mother. She also ever told my sister that if she wants to work for another employer she wants a place with no children and not much work which she doesn't realised that if there is not much work, we would not hire a maid. If it's not because of my mother lack of strong legs and putting up my son at my sister's place where my mother at, I rather not have a maid and extra headache. But as my son is active, I do not want other people's house to be untidy and my mum to be too tired hence hiring a maid. So now I learnt that if the maid showed bad progress after less than 3 months, chances are that is their character and as an employer to protect myself, I can't pity the maid in the end, causing me mayhem, stress and trouble.
Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Important Room » Criticism and Opinion Place » Siyabonga (fs2ACMwAZ)
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