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I've been following this blog for a while and am syeahpthmtic to those who have genuinely been good employers but have suffered under the hands of lousy maids. However, my general view is that as many as are poor maids out there, are poor employers as well.There are steps employers can take to minimize the risk of getting a lousy maid. Interview and select a transfer maid - those that are at nearing the end of their contracts in Singapore. You can easily check their employment history, and even speak with the current employers. Plenty of such biodatas and maids around. However, Singaporeans are averse to taking experienced maids, often citing that experienced maids are cunning and can't be dealt with. This puzzles me - it is a choice, between trusting the maid agency's bio-data than face to face interviews and reference checks with previous employers.There's a reason why maids like ang moh employers. (BTW, I am not an ang moh - regular mother of two living in a HDB flat.) I allow my maid to use the phone, within stipulated guidelines (only when kids are in school, 15 mins etc), watch TV, go out of the house only when my kids are out. She has off days every Sunday too. My colleagues and relatives nag at me all the time on being too lax with my maid - the exception is my ang moh colleague, who incidentally, has had minimal problems with her maid too. Her maid is a Filipino who is married to a Bangladashi working in Singapore as well. I think we need to have reasonable expectation of our maids. Will anyone be able to tolerate completely no social interaction, even for a week? In my neighbourhood, there are maids who are not given enough to eat too, and another group of maids which help the underfed group with leftovers. My maid asks us if she could take the leftovers to feed the underfed maids. My children are hardly if never left alone with my maid without either my mom or mother in law - so my maid knows she can't be up to any nonsense. We should never let the maid think she is indispensable. If we are that reliant on the maid, there is a chance we are probably working the maid too long hours or making her do too much. Given that it is physical work, I think we should not work our maids more than 8 hours a day, though inevitably it will have to be staggered. Having a maid handle 2 children with housework and no help, to be me is really, too much work. We cannot use what we can do as the yardstick. There's a reason why we are earning 2/3/4/5k or more a month - if the maid is as capable as us, she would be drawing nearing that type of salary in Singapore now, given how easy it is for other nationalities to get work permits in Singapore. So I think we need to adjust our mindset a little.Another reason why I favour taking experienced maids is that they will appreciate how good you are as an employer, relative to those they had worked before.Of course, I am sorry that some here have suffered badly under poor maids. I am probably fortunate, and am very grateful to my maid. She is old - and is already a grandma. I certainly do not treat her like my own family - io am not close to her. But she has very clear instructions and our expectations are well laid out, and mutually agreed upon.
Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Virtual Facilities » Dance Room » Chinyere (HlProhgUVr)
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