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GuestDate: Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014, 3:02:29 | Message # 1
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Refer to the above 2 latest POST, it is <a href="">stglorny</a> express my feeling. Yes, we have no choice to choose to be selfish even though we know the maid is not good when we send her back the agent. Hopes the god will forgive our selfishness. If we choose to send the maid back to her country, 1 - she may come again cause we did not banned / block her in MOM2- we need to pay her air ticket , eg filipine air fare for nearest within a week pricing is around $300.00 (pay by employer)3- The agent fee which bad been pay to agent ($ 2850.00 min) , might not gurantee get any re-fund. Total loss - more than S$3,000 ++ and waste our time to train the maid (who is the winner ? the maid agent only, gunratee have money in their pocket) Besides, people might suspect is the Maid not good or We as an employer is not good when we send the maid back home. But, if we send the maid back to agency and she having problem in other family which means it is the problem maid. The correct way is maid pay agent fee to the agent before come to Singapore, and if they are not good, the maid agent should summit name to MOM for banned them re-entry as a maid into Singapre. So, the agent get the money they want, the maid will think twice before come to Singapore to work (my maid pay "ZERO $" when come here) !!! And the employer will have chance to have a better maid.
Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Level Test » Test Place » Devon (nJWXk3ColZ)
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