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GuestDate: Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014, 5:45:24 | Message # 1
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i think many of us may have misunderstood what the<a href=""> pivoreus</a> poster has written. She's refering to those of us employers who feel so strongly about the 8-9 months loan,to mebbe reimburse the maid when she comes over.There's nothing to stop us from doing so. in short,we shouldnt complain too much about the loan situation.There's nothing to stop us from helping the "poor" maids.Yes, agreed, the 8-9 months' loan is a good deterrent for the maid to work properly in spore and not to give problems. Who's the party who benefits from these huge loans? It's the maid agencies and the recruiters/agents from the maids' countries.They are the ones who keeps increasing the amount of loan each year. in no time at all, we'll see maids having to work and slog for a whole year(12 months) before paying off their loans!but then again, do these maids worry about the huge loan they have to pay off? Yes, there are some maids who are mindful to work their best,to pay off their loans and to save as much as possible for the remaining part of their 2 year contract.On the other hand, there are also maids who wont bother two-hoots about their huge loans..and even if they do, once the loan period is over, ah har, you may see a changed person, a changed maid who has become more wily,more streetsmart!
Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Important Room » Rules and Information » Cuco (pMMR4dZ4hoX)
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