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Criticism and Opinion Box
YuuDate: Monday, 21 Jun 2010, 9:01:19 | Message # 1
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please ask a criticism or opinion here
if necessary...

tolong ajukan kritik atau saran disini
jika diperlukan..

masa lalu hanya untuk dikenang, kalo masa depan untuk diperjuangkan!
GuestDate: Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014, 1:09:41 | Message # 851
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Damn, I wish I could think of soniehtmg smart like that!
GuestDate: Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014, 9:35:37 | Message # 852
Group : Guests

I had a terrible exernipece an area teaching hospital when I had my first daughter. It wasn't the mothering instinct kicking in either. It was major issues due to lack of oversight of residents and med students.However, aside from all of that, and the complications afterward, due to inexernipeced people handling my healthcare, I would still go to a teaching hospital. The exernipeces for the med students and residents are an invaluable part of their education.Later, when a resident seriously misstepped in front of a group of med students at six a.m. after my 3 year old son's surgery, and then prescribed a lethal dose of medication, I made sure the attending physician was made aware of the grievous error. Thankfully, I have enough of a background that I knew what to do and how to administer the medication, and thankfully, it wasn't another mom who was less informed. And if the attending physician spoke to the resident as promised, that resident will have hopefully learned some important lessons, so that next time he won't potentially kill a child twice.Experience matters. And they have to learn how to do things in order to gain the exernipece. I just wish there was a little more oversight.
GuestDate: Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014, 11:36:41 | Message # 853
Group : Guests

I can look at this from both sides, having been a patenit and a student who needed to practice the assessments and procedures. I have always consented to having a student or resident (although it never came up in my two deliveries). I was horrified recently when I had surgery and a nurse anesthesia student did a regional anesthesia without me consenting or them even asking if a student could do the procedure. It was a bit weird to have a student with ultrasound in one hand BIG needle in the other hand (and in my neck) being obviously coached by the anesthesiologist a little deeper see the nerve right there next to the artery? ). I had a huge bruise because she nicked my carotid artery! I think most patenits in this scenario have significant sedation and do not remember it I had no sedation (at my request). YIKES! I would have consented, but you need to at least ask!
Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Important Room » Criticism and Opinion Place » Criticism and Opinion Box (kotak kritik dan saran)

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