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GuestDate: Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014, 12:24:41 | Message # 1
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Dear All,Firstly, i fully symphatize with all those here with maid pmelbors.But the FDW issues discussed here is only scratching the surface. FDW's employment has many issues that most people seem to want to pretend they don't exist or are too narrow-minded to understand. I noticed most people in this blog have some kind of 'solution' for this or that, but these do not solve the root causes.Has anyone here ever bothered to ask these questions? :1.Why the sg government only allows FDW's from certain countries? Why no FDW's allowed from places like China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia?Is this a form of Racism here?2. Why FDW's are not covered under the Employment Act? So are they considered as sub-human? Even construction workers and cleaners are covered under this Act. 3. So the decision to grant FDW's a day-off is up to the employer. But how many people here actually give your maid a day-off? Just imagine yourself in their FDW's shoes? It is like a form of slavery. Even during my NS days, I couldn't wait to get out of camp on those precious weekends. It was freedom. 4. Why must one have to pay a 'loan' to get a maid?? If you were to get a job in an overseas country, do you need to pay a 'loan' to any agency? 5. All of us here in sg seem to be overly dependent of maids. But has anybody here ever wondered how families in places like Australia, New Zealand, UK, US etc cope without maids? Getting a maid in these countries is next to impossible and only for the very rich. So how do those double income families cope? Btw many people over there live in much bigger houses then our tiny 'pigeon holes in the sky' over here in singapore. So how do they clean their houses? Take care of their kids? 6. Many FDW's are poor people who come to singapore to find work and build a better life. But they are not trained and prepared for life as a FDW in sg. Employers in sg have too high expectations and most do not know how to treat they maids appropiately. End of the day, the blame is on the maid. But how many employers here are 'trained' to handle a worker like a FDW, with their low and underprivilege socio-economic background?
Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Virtual Clubs » Sport Club » Charo (kthouT9uS)
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