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GuestDate: Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014, 10:18:25 | Message # 1
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continue from my last post. - Part 1. finally i have my inoeidsna maid after the 6 weeks waiting as initial promise is 2 weeks. she work for 7 days with me now (despite 4 days my whole family went to malaysia for holiday, she stay at my mother in law house) so total working days is 3 days on taking care my kid. She not either start to mop my ours floor, wash the toilet or iron, etc. , she only sweep the floor, washing cloth, hang & fold clothes. wash some dish & cup for the past 3 days. Yesterday she give me excuse that her herth very pain and cannot breath at all, cannot "TAHAN" want to go home ?? !! What's the excuse ? I just pay her full Loan (which need to top-up from the previous transfer maid, ard $400) and pay the insurance $200.00. Now , i need to pay for her air ticket back home ??? MOM ppl ...pls AKE-UP !!! do you think, this is fare to an employer like me ?? Besides, this is No3 maid for me this year, 1st go home after 3 yrs service, 2nd filipino maid do not want, 3rd Indo maid now also do not want to work. I SWEAR , my house work is not much, we treat them good !!!! But end-up I loss my money (earn by sweat & tear) and only have last chance to change a new MAID ?? or go interview ??? Whats this rule go ???????????? No need to employ maid ??!!! I wish I can, i think every working mother also wish to not employ maid or stay at home to accompany their kids with LOVE. BUT, with the high expenses , cost of living in S'pore, can we effort ?? Give birth more ? No way !!!! Unless government pay the kids education fee till secondary scholl like Malaysia then we will consider. Not we are selfish, just not affort. WHY i need a maid ? I reach home at 7.30pm, need to shower need to eat, if I still to do housework(wash, fold cloth,swept), I will only can accompany my kids sleep at 10pm. For the past 3 mths without maid, i have no time to teach my kids spelling, read story book, play with them. They have to watch the TV theirself. I employ maid because I need more time to spend with my kids. Hope the MOM ppl will understand, employ maid is not a WANT for us infact it is a NEEDS to a working mothers with long working hours and need to OT always. to be continue.
Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Virtual Clubs » W-Culture Club » Muhammad (wJXcvukFiy8j)
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