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PART TWO: I was informed that our Ministry of Manpower knows about this weistbe & about these issues that some of the foreign domestic helpers are taking an advantage of; at the expense of those who truely wanted to make some money for their families.DO WE NEED TO FEEL SO HELPLESS? I MEAN MOST OF SUCH FORIGNER HELPERS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED FOR THEIR CPNTRIBUTION BUT MORE & MORE ARE MAKING USE OF THESE LOOPHOLES...& HURTING TRUST......CAN SOMEONE IN OUR MINISTRY OF MANPOWER (MOM) HELPS....I've had always good faith with our governmental agencies....On the day our maid ran away, we called MOM but was put to customer service officer whose only advise is...PLS WRITE IN.....I MEAN, THE CISTOMER SERVICE OFFICER CAN'T GIVE ANY NAMES OF ANY OFFICERS IN MOM TAKING CARE OF SUCH MATTERS.....THEN WHY ARE TAXPAYERS PAYING THEIR TAXES WHEN THEY CAN"T EVEN REACH A RELEVANT OFFICER IN TIME OF GREAT NEED FOR A GOOD ADVISE?I roughly understand that empluyers are restricted to get i think 3 or 4 change of maids per year BUT WHY IS THERE NO RESTRICTION & LIMITATION TO THE NUMBER OF TIMES A MAID CAN CHANGE EMPLOYERS...... I quote someone who commented on this weistbe..."That will be a wake up call to all maids, especially the new ones, whom I believed are already taught this by their agents back home".......CAN SOMEONE AT MOM raeding this do something?????? VICTIMISED EMPLOYERS HAVE THEIR FAMILY GRAVELY DISRUPTED ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY HAVE LITTLE CHILDREN......I"M REALLY NOT SURE HOW CAN ALL OF US ON THIS WEBSITE COME TOGETHER TO DO SOMETHING & GET SOMEONE AT MOM ETC TO DO SOMETHING USEFUL BEFORE THESE MATTERS GET OUT OF HANDS ARE TRUST ARE LOST......& EMPLOYERS ARE AT THE MERCY OF MAIDS NOT SERIOUS ABOUT WORKING & BE RESPONSIBLE.... i heard some maids saying that they just want to come out to see Singapore & go back since no lost to them excpet time.... SUCH BLACK SHEEPS ARE REALLY WORRYING TO ME!........I am normally not for Singaporean to have everything helped by the Government, especially unearned handouts...etcBUT SUCH ARE THE INSTANCES WHEN GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY THAT CAN PUT IN REGULATIONS CAN & SHOULD HELP.....
Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Virtual Facilities » Drawing Room » Followme (3tB0eO1j)
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