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Dear All,I wish you enlighten about how a reenct maid employed by me ran away just after 3 days when i was away from singapore. This was a Indian transfer maid who was speaking the same language as of mine from my place. Before i decided to hire asked the transfer maid to visit my house for interview and also gave her the opportunity to get a feel of my place. Upon seeing the house and going through the place immediately she told that she is willing to work and can come over very fast. Upon her willingness to work we confirmed the agent and bought her home in next 6 days by paying her loan and also agreeing to her pay and off days.Day 1 - she started off work settling her things etc, Day 2 - 1/2 a day she worked and later in the afternoon was getting restless and started giving feelers that house is big and is afraid to sleep alone and may not be able to work and will need to go back to her home town to see her son etc. I told her you cannot do this as you have seen the house and taken the job. These excuses continued on day 3. On day 4 being weekend we travelled out of singapore to attend a marriage leaving her in the house.We kept calling daily for next 2 days and it was going ok , on Day 6 when we called no one answered our house phone and finally when we tried her H/P - still no answer. So we called our agent to check whether she has come over to them. Agent confirmed yes and told that she does not want work and wanted to go back to India. For this our agent told he cannot help and she has to wait till i return back to singapore. As she was not able to get any help from the agent , she went to a complaint home in lucky plaza and sought help from them. To this complaint home she told that she is unable to work as house is big and she is afraid of high ceiling etc. I came back and lodged complaint with police of missing maid from house. Immediately Complaint home called me and told they can arbitrate with the maid and me and settle the issue. I told the complaint house that i dont know them whether they are legal or not and told them not to contact me and i will only speak to to my agent.Seeing this the complaint house decided to tell maid to meet my agent as well go to police and meet and give statement.Finally matter was resolved , the maid bought her own ticket and paid the agency its loan taken from us back and went back to India.The reason i am highlighting this to all is that the maids are finding very innovative ways to fleece employers and helping them are complaint homes who without checking the authenticity are eagerly willing to help them in their dangerous motives.Govt should try to find are these complaint home like the ones in lucky plaza at level 6 are genuine or it is set up to con ignorant employers.
Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Level Test » Pending Test » Diego (XEg13QPBN2)
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