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GuestDate: Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014, 9:39:52 | Message # 1
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I am sick of reading how emeyolprs bad and thoughtless, while I am being held hostage by my maids at home.The first maid took my home for playpen, fiddled with all she could and destroyed them all, every single thing, not because we had been unkind (being the first maid, she was the luckiest one who had everything - our food, rest, money etc, short of transporting her whole family from Indonesia to live in my home, giving her all our money in our bank accounts, and our house too). If she could have that too, she would have told the world I am the kindest (and also the most stupid) employer. That would made my maid very very happy.The second maid ran away, simply because we told her off gently. She wanted a game, for us to hunt her, and to beg her to come home, to make us feel sorry we corrected her actions.The third worked with us for a week before telling us she wanted to transfer. Because? She decided she wanted a big house (from so many idol photos from the korean show Boys Over Flowers she brought with her). Our apartment and job scope did not fit into her grand expectations, the possibility how she may end up marrying the rich heir at the end of the love story. Because of her dreams, we had to endure going through the process of hunting for another suitable maid.We found the fourth maid to replace the dreamer. This maid should enrol herself for an Oscar award. I am not going to elaborate, being the common complaints everyone hears and can read from other emeyolprs on this blog.I learnt through the hard way, forget about the salmon. Just give her the money she would have earned if she finished the contract, then you are the best employer in this country.She can buy all the salmon she wants in her home country, enjoy it with her own family than the horrid people she was sharing the table with but had no choice.Give her your house. She can enjoy the luxury without the burden of scrimping towards paying for the house. Make sure you pay for her family to come to Singapore.SHE WANTS YOUR WORLD. That is what she really wants.She can use your money to buy what she likes, enjoy everything you had given up, to be shared with HER family, not with you - the horrid and disgusting employer. THAT, is the best employer a maid will want.Any takers?No doubt there are good maids. But by few. The rest are so good at pretence that you think you have a good maid. Have you heard what they say behind your backs? Did they tell other maids in the whole neighbourhood what a good employer you are, how they will rather die than leave your household. Instead of being so full of yourself thinking you are a good employer because you fed her salmon?But until that happens, just get out of the house and let her get her work done. So she need not get another earful when the horrid Singaporean Sir and M'am gets home. The Sir who snores like a pig, and the M'am who stains the panties that it would kill her to scrub it out. What a poor and sad life she has got, the poor maid.
Forum - Virtual School Indonesia » Level Test » Test Place » Tussanee (QyGL4GOfn9AQ)
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